He's blind. He's autistic. This site is not to gain sympathy for Tony, but rather to inform the world about this talented musician. This is the discovery of a slick guitarist and soulful singer that you must not ignore. This blues musician has been performing around the country and has quickly gained  a following.

Vocally, it's hard to believe he's young. Unlike all those other blues prodigies, Tony Drake has arrived full grown musically. Take a listen to the track, "What Should I Do?", from his "Touched By An Angel" album. It reflects the timing and phrasing that only comes from soul (and a lot of experience).

The moving "Anniebell" instrumental gives Tony a chance to show off those fast guitar fingers as he plays his instrument with it lying on its back like a piano! Tony has amazing musical capabilities with an interesting twist. Blues legend and award-winning record producer, Roy Roberts, said "I saw him play and knew instantly I wanted to record him."

Come discover this amazing artist and see why he is gaining so much support everywhere he goes.